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New Attitude

Ok, so this is part of my new year change-er-roo.
2)DOWNSIZE MY SHIT( not to be esp crude but because when you need to rid yourself of all that old junk and clutter and clothing that is just making a mess it IS considered shit! & plus calling it poop makes it that much easier to “ah hem” unload it 😉 )
5)STOP EATTING ( so much ) BAD SHIT. A girls gotta start somewhere!
Oh and you can’t start off the new year without
6)LOSE WEIGHT ( aprox 12 lbs ) and get in better shape.

So I started a little today( baby steps) and tomorrow I begin my calorie counting. I currently weigh 132lbs not terrible but my baby is almost 2 so I need to get my skinny-on. It’s Time. Also GOODWILL here I come. I downloaded a new app today to help me out with this, as I have never, that is right, never donated before! So this app is supposed to make it ALOT easier to track the info for tax purposes. I’ll let you know how it goes. I have mucho stuff to get rid of and just a few more days of winter vacation.
Feels good to be back!


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Guest room

So I love design and décor and this past week I got to help my mom out with her guest room. I think it looks fantastic. Just a few small touches left to finish.

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My cribs

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What a great dad

What a great dad
I love u honey

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Tummy time

So this is the other morning. I walk into the nursery to find Wyeth looking at me smiling with his dog on his back. He didn’t seem to mind or even be aware that it was there. But lately he has been trying to scoot / crawl when he is on his tummy. The only problem with this is that he is stuck in reverse and can’t seem to get into drive.

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Five Months Old

Wyeth Update

Rolling over and back again

Jumping in the johnny jump-up

Dragging myself across the floor like a man in the desert in search of water

Laughing ALOT!!!

Blowing razzberries ( I look like Dizzy Gilespie )

Eating rice cereal

Playing with my toys

Grabbing whatever I can reach

Watching football with Dad

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